Man City vs Chelsea game to have #GetSaturn5toXMASno1 banner

saturn5A group has been started in tribute to drummer Craig Gill of the Inspiral Carpets who passed away recently, the group was created by people who knew him as a kid and as a great guy. They want to honour his memory by getting “Saturn 5” to number 1 for Christmas. They DON’T want you to download the track just yet as it WILL NOT COUNT TOWARDS THE CHRISTMAS SALES.

CRAIG was a huge fan of Manchester City, and City fans are taking a banner “#GETSATURN5TOXMASNO1” into the home game against Chelsea this Saturday.

Club officials have agreed to play ‘Saturn 5’ at half time as the teams walk off the pitch so it is picked up on TV.

The banner is then going to Manchester United fans, who will display it at the Stretford End during their game against Tottenham on December 11th.

Finally, following the postponement of the game against Peterborough on Saturday, Oldham Athletic fans will then display the banner during the next home match – against Southend on December 17th.

If Craig affected your life in one way at all. Whether that be a relative, a friend, a musician, a music lover or anyone with any type of interest in Manchester Music or football. Then they want you to honour his memory by getting “Saturn 5” to number 1 for Christmas.


Craig Gill of the Inspiral Carpets who passed away recently

Please click this link and join the event to remind you when to download and where to download from. They need your help to do this.

In the meantime, click on the Moo! picture above and post some of your memories of Craig ‘Gilly’ Gill to the group. RIP Craig xxx


saturn5-1Info: Unfortunately purchases/downloads outside the U.K. Will not count towards the chart position unless you go through a UK VPN. Additionally, if you are downloading from work, some big companies go through a server based outside the UK. Again these will not count. However, this shouldn’tstop you purchasing anyway:

Spotify users – Play this playlist as MUCH as you want

but also enjoy Craig and the bands latest work if you hadn’t already


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