Ronaldo statue, or is it?

Huge criticism surrounds the new Ronaldo statue, as the majority of people do not think it looks anything like him. What do you think?

Ronaldo however, thought it was great as he stood next to it in front of hundreds of people who attended the unveiling. The statue itself is situated outside the arrivals terminal of the re-named Madeira International Airport in Portugal. It’s now been names in honour of the ex-Manchester United and current Real Madrid star as the Aeroporto Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ronaldo himself said ‘Thank you for being here in my honor. Seeing my name being given to this airport is something very special. Everyone knows that I am proud of my country and especially my home city. Thank you very much to the president of the regional government Miguel Albuquerque for having had the courage and the firmness to do it.”

The artist and sculpture Emanuel Santos brushed off all the talk and said it’s ‘not as simple as it seems’ to produce, adding that it took him 15 days to complete and that the finished item ‘was a matter of taste’.

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